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Dream Package Page 

Welcome to the Dream Package page, here you will learn all about our life changing packages that will not only make life easier for our clients by getting a little help with day-to-day chores but will also help our independent service technicians by giving them a needed and well-deserved pay Cheque. Not only that but will help our community's by helping our elderly stay in their own homes longer. Because we strive so hard to keep our rates low, to cover administrative and other miscellaneous costs we must charge a 1-time startup fee on top of the first month membership cost. Here is a list of our services you can choose from: 

 Painting.         Carpentry.                     Courier Services.              Heavy Cleaning

      Interior___                       Cabinet repair____                                 Pick up item from retail Store____                                 Garage clean out___

          Exterior___                interior Banister repair____                                 grocery pick up____                                          Basement Clean out___

          Fences____                    interior stair repair____                       Pick up item from privet home___                                Attic Clean out____

       Decks____                 interior door repair____                                                               

                                                    Interior door hanging____      Light Electrical.                      Light Plumbing.                              

                                                                                                  Replace light fixture____ Replace kitchen sink faucet____ 

                                                                                                    Replace light switches____ Replace bathroom sink faucet____ 

                                                                                                 Replace electrical outlets____  Replace toilet___  

                                                                                                                                                 Replace shower head_____ 

                                                                                                                                                Replace bathtub faucets

                Yard Work.                                                          Light Cleaning.

            Lawn  mowing____                                             Dishes____ 

             Hedge Clipping_____                                      Kitchen floors____ 

               Leaf raking_____                                                 Fridge_____ 

                Snow Removal_____                                  Stove & oven__   

                General yard clean up______                        Windows____



                                                                  Fold & put Laundry away____                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Make Beds______

                                  398.00 Start up 199.00 a month membership Fee.

This is our first offer, the Daydream package. With this you get a full 8 hours a month of our services. Not to mention if you're in any of our Living the Dream service areas you get all that for free!!!, If you haven't already found out about the Living the Dream package go check it out, you don't want to miss it.

                           798.00 Start up 399.00 A month membership Fee.

This is our second offer, The Great Dream Package. With this package you get a whopping 17 hours of our service, that's right 17 hours. Oh, and let's not forget, if you are in any of our Living the Dream Service areas you get all that FOR FREE! But don't worry if we are not in your area yet, we are on are way.

This is our third offer, the Sweet Dream Package. With this you get an amazing 24 hours of our services. Keep in mind, if you live in any of our Living the Dream service areas you get all that for FREE!!!!. But if you don't, keep your shorts on, we're coming!!

                                                                               Living the Dream Page!!!

Now it's time to learn all about the Living the Dream Package. If you live within any of our Living the Dream service areas, are looking to do any major renovations or repairs we will get you the very best service at the very best price guaranteed. How can we guarantee it, because we have no monetary interests in your renovation or repair whatsoever. We work for you; we use are competitive selection process to guarantee our clients get the best deal possible. we deal with and vet the contractors, collect the quotes then present them to you with our recommendations. Then once you have had the time to thoroughly go through the quotes and decide on the contractor and make your decision, we will contact them and get your project done. I know you can see how valuable this is but wait there's more. if you're looking to sell your home, we will take the calls hold open houses and show your home to all potential buyers, collect the offers then present them to you. now here's the best part, once you decide on a buyer, we take a step back and allow you and your real-estate professional close the deal. We except no payment for the sale of your home no fees no commissions nothing... If you're looking to buy a home within any of our areas, all you need to do is tell us your price range your must haves and we will work hard to find the best home for you.  

Now that's Living the Dream. 

Q1. If I'm a contractor, do I have to do work as an independent service technician to get recommended to a client.

A1. No, it's not necessary to do work as an independent service technician to be recommended. But what better way to show off your skills to potential customers then help them out with the little stuff in your down time and get paid for it. But in all honesty if we are already familiar with you and your work it does make it easier to recommend you.

Q2. What does it take for to recommend a contractor to a client.

A2. that is far too big a question to answer here, so let me just give you the basics. A portfolio of past work, preferably showing a project similar to the job at hand. Proof of insurance how much depends on the size of the job at least 2 customer references.     


Q3. How do we get started!!!

A3. Just choose a startup package below, then let us know what you need. Or if you have any questions shoot us an e-mail at or give us a call at 1-833-714-0230 We would be more than happy to come give you a free home assessment.

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