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Let's take a minute to discuss exactly how works. To sum it all up in one word people, we give people the power of people. Our goal is to bring our community's together through meeting the day to day needs of the people in our communities, with people from our community's.  For this example, let's say Rose here bought a piece of furniture, for whatever reason she can't put it together. Weather she doesn't know how, or she doesn't have time the reason is irrelevant.

         If Rose is a client of she simply sends a work request. A member of our office management team then would send a general callout to independent service technicians with limited details. Such as the general area of the job the description of what the job is, and in this case because it's an item to be put together a photo of the box.

           The independent service tech's that want to do that job would then send a message back indicating their interest. The office team member would then go through the interested independent service techs, find the one that would best serve our client’s needs then send the rest of the pertinent information. The independent service technician would then have the client sign off on the work and submit it to for payment.       


Q1. Once a work request is sent in how long does it take for an independent service tech to come out.

A1. Well, that would depend on the request, if it's something simple like you need someone to run to the store it should be fairly quickly. But if you need a piece of furniture, put together, or something more complex it may take a little longer depending on the availability of the independent service tech's that have the required skill that you're requesting. Please note most independent service techs are not on an on-call basis. How it works is if they see a job that they want to do, they let the office no of their interest then the office would send someone out.    

Q2. Are you saying that if I wanted, I could just have someone run to the corner store for me.

A2. Absolutely! But please understand, independent service techs are not just doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. They are doing this to help their families, or because there saving for something or both. Whatever the reason is. we feel it is only fair that independent service technicians get a minimum of two hours, that way people have an incentive to come do whatever little job you need done.   

Q3. How dose protect my home and family against criminals or dangerous people.

A3. The safety and well-being of our clients and our independent service technicians is our top priority. Because some of our clients are older and or have diminished capacity all our independent service technicians are required to pass a criminal record check, as well as a vulnerability check conducted by their local police or RCMP Detachment.

Q4. Ok that's how protects the clients, but what about us the independent service technicians.

A4. If you arrive somewhere to help one of our clients, and they are being belligerent or overly aggressive it is policy for you to leave the immediate area, call local police or RCMP detachment. Please ensure that you get the case file number so that you can be paid out for the two-hour minimum, it is policy to ensure our clients and independent service technicians are safe and protected, also are treated with respect. Depending on the severity, or if the client has multiple complaints, they will no longer be able to use our services. In the interest of our independent service technicians and our clients will actively comply with police investigations i.e., provide service requests or any other documentation that may have or have access to we’re here to help each other and keep each other safe.

Q5. what if I am a Client of and I'm a hiring manager at my place of employment, if I like the work of an independent service technician can I offer them a job.

A5. You bet you can!! unless the independent service technician choses, this is not meant to be a full-time position. It's meant for good honest hard-working people to supplement their income, which is why takes so many people in our community's as independent service technicians. so that we can faithfully serve our clients.        

Q6. what if I am an independent service technician, as well as own my own business. Can I let clients know about my services. 

A6. Sure, Ya can, does not do any major renovation or repairs, but we do provide management services. But more on that on the Living the Dream page. if you're thinking of becoming a client, please believe me you do not want to miss this.    

Q7. So how much do we get paid??

A7.All independent service technicians get paid $15.00. Dollars an hour, dose not with hold any tax. You are not an employee of You are a self-employed contractor 

Q8. When does Our time start.

A8. The moment you show up at the Job start location, but all independent service technicians get a two-hour minimum so that's a guaranteed $30.00. Dollars for every call out.    

Q9. What if I have an independent service technician at my home but my time runs out before the technician is able to finish the job, can I pay the technician directly to finish.

A9. works very hard to ensure these types of situations do not occur but understands that some things are out of our control. So, in short, yes you can, provided the technician is agreeable. Also has not accepted another job for the required time.     

Q10. What if I used all my package hours but still have some work I need done.

A10. Well, you can either choose to wait till the next month, or you can choose to buy more hours. Please note if you find yourself continuing to go over your monthly hours, you may want to consider getting the next package up. It will be more cost effective in the long run.  

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